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A Goofy Movie (1995)


Goofy deserves a better movie. This really should be called Goofy’s Son’s, Max, Movie. It was the directorial debut of Kevin Lima. Lima went on to direct Tarzan, 102 Dalmatians and Enchanted for Disney. Outside of his directorial work, Lima has had his hands on many Disney animation productions. It is filled with classic Broadway-style songs. There is plenty of plot advancement outside of the songs, but this movie is very much a musical at many points.

Goofy’s son Max finally has his first date when he is forced on a cross country road trip with his dad. Goofy instigated the trip because of a misunderstanding and lack of communication with his son and his son’s principal. A thirty-second honest chat would have prevented this entire debacle. I was not convinced that Goofy learned to trust his son after their adventure. I believe that Max gained respect for his father.

Roxanne, Max’s girlfriend, has zero patients for any type of rejection. Any small roadblock in her way causes her to fear for the worst. Max must cancel their first date, a group hangout, because of the road trip. Roxanne cannot process that and believes that Max does not like her. After the trip Max is not available to hang out with Roxanne on the first night he is back in town and again she thinks Max is not interested. It takes Goofy, crashing through the roof for her to understand that Max may have other immediate obligations. Roxanne does not seem like a very tolerable person. She is also the only female character in the entire movie.

There are much better classically animated Disney movies on Disney Plus. Maybe one day I will see one since 101 Dalmatians did not hold up for me either. Goofy deserves a better movie that focuses on him more so than a new character. Just like nearly every other Disney movie this movie is full of single parents.

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