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Ad Astra (2019)


Ad Astra is Latin for To The Stars. Brad Pitt plays Astronaut Roy McBride on a journey to Neptune to find his missing father. Most of the movie is Brad Pitt speaking Roy McBride’s thoughts as he floats through space. It is both a physical and interpersonal journey.

The visuals in the movie are very good. Hollywood has been able to make great space films for the last decade and this is just an incremental improvement over the last space movie. There are a few entertaining action sequences. The space pirate scene on the moon is especially fun since it relies on the moon’s reduced gravity. It may be the highlight of the movie. The side quest to a research vessel between the moon and Mars felt like a waste of time. The research vessel’s origins are never explained. There are more creative ways to get to the same ends that the diversion accomplished.

If you love Brad Pitt’s voice, in an almost ASMR way, this movie is for you. If you have an absentee parent this movie may make a bigger impact on you. I did not like this movie. It was beautiful at times to watch, but it did not draw me in. Virgin Galactic’s product placement seemed un-natural. The commercial moon-port was a poor attempt at a comment on society, as were the pirates. I don’t have much to say about this film because I didn’t like it.

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