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I enjoyed this movie, but probably not as the director intended. It is from DC so it has a low bar and I think it cleared it. I found it quite hilarious and didn't take any of it seriously. Perhaps that means it isn't that great of a super hero movie because I didn't feel the weight of the consequences.

The first scene bugged the crap out of me. There is a storm and you are in a lighthouse. You exit the lighthouse to secure a STORM SHUTTER in the OPEN position. The shutter is designed to be closed for just this situation. Never mind that it is a cosmetic shutter that doesn't cover half of the window.

There are two parallel stories and I think switching between them helps the movie along. I didn't feel bored in the 2:23 this movie takes to complete.

Some people are going to appreciate shirtless Jason Momoa while other people are going to like Amer Heard's plunged neck line. Neither character uses their physical attractiveness to get ahead fortunately.

There is one subtle dig at our modern world, global warming and polluting our oceans. You could skip right over it and not even notice. I think it is a well-executed jab.

The biggest battle scene is a bit of a mess. When you try to show massive scale but only have 3 or 4 characters that anyone cares about then everything can feel lost. In Infinity War there is a gigantic battle, but you have a dozen characters to focus on. It makes a more cohesive battle.

As with any super hero movie this is good to see on a big screen. Nothing in this world was super striking to me, so I would say try for theaters but at home allows you to make fun of the movie as you go along. You will want to make fun of this movie.

If you want to make fun of the movie here are some good references to have going in: South Park's Crab people; 'Taste like crab look like people', Moana's Shiny, The King Arthur trailer preceding this movie where the main character is Arthur and is the one true person to get a sword.

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