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Fire Island (2022)


Pride and Prejudice has been adapted to the big and small screen many times. Fire Island is a gay adaptation for millennials. It was released on Hulu during Pride Month and is well worth a watch.

Pride and Prejudice and this adaptation, are a class struggle and is used to show some of the variety within the predominantly homosexual male population that graces the shores of Fire Island each summer. Joel Kim Booster wrote and stars as Noah, a nurse living paycheck to paycheck. He is accompanied by his friend Bowen Yang, also struggling to make a living. They are both Asian. The film dives headfirst into racism within the gay community, something I was unaware of being so prevalent.

The LGBTQ+ acronym has been growing my entire life to be more inclusive. The rainbow flag has grown more complex. Allyship has increased and rights have been extended. As an outsider, it used to feel like one large cohesive group rallying behind a flag for a common cause. The was a very naive belief that I had. With an ever-growing community, fissures will form, and self-sorting can happen. Fire Island looks at a narrow sliver of the LGBTQ+ community, gay men, and explores some of the racism, classism, and body shaming within that community. Of course, there is racism within subgroups that contain a diversity of races.

Joel Kim Booster made a wonderful adaptation of a classic literary book for a targeted audience. Fortunately, he was given one of the largest distribution networks so that more than just his target audience would see his work. This is a wonderful adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and deserves a watch.

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