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First Man (IMAX digital) <><>


I think your IMAX premium dollars may be better spent on a Science center moon movie. Yes the IMAX moon shots are amazing, but it is only a small portion of the movie.

This movie tries to be two movies: a biopic and a documentary. It kind of fails at both. It doesn't contain as much history or explanation as Hidden Figures. The character development is also underwhelming.

I get that things shake when you are inside, so much that this movie had a motion sickness disclaimer at our showing. The portion of chasing kids around the house doesn't need to be shaky.

I never felt emotional attachment to Armstrong. His wife is portrayed amazingly well by Claire Foy (Oscar? for her facial expressions.) But the movie fails to get you to understand Neil's struggle. He really comes off self-absorbed, distant and not caring for his living kids.

It is still a good movie. I wanted more engineering, like Hidden Figures (which is the same history). The movie is super white male despite the truth being more diverse. This isn't a story of how we got to the moon. This is the story of one man being quiet by himself and not affectionate to his family.

Damien Chazelle sure likes pandering to the Academy....

If you like Ryan Gosling close-ups, go see it.

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