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This movie isn't great. It is going to win awards because old white people who give out awards love stories like this. This is a buddy cop movie despite neither actor being a cop.

You have a tough guy Italian struggling to make ends meet who is white enough to be considered white by almost everyone. You also have a wealthy, worldly black man from the artist class. Do you think they are going to rub off on each other?

Oh look the dumb guy can't write eloquent letters to his wife. The smart guy helps him out and by the end the dumb guy is less dumb and can write his own letters.

Oh look the sophisticated person doesn't want confrontation because he feels it is beneath him. But the lower class guy loves confrontation. I wonder if the sophisticated guy is going to get his tuxedo dirty.

Did you know the 1960s were a horrible time to not be white? Did you know that even if you were a world class performer you still had to piss outside the house?

I did learn two things because of this movie. 1) 'Black Out' towns where towns where blacks were not allowed in after dark. 2) The Green Book existed. I got a much better history on the green book from a pod cast. It is a pretty interesting thing.

The Cadillac DeVille is a great part of this movie. So much time is spent inside of it. The gorgeous side profile with the windows down and no B pillar is key to the movie. This movie couldn't have existed without this car.

I would skip seeing this in theaters and maybe watch it if it streams for free. It is an award bait movie where a white guy saves a black man. The family of Dr. Don Shirley hates this movie, so consider that before seeing it.

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