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Jackass: Forever (2022)


Jackass: Forever is the fourth film in the Jackass film franchise. The first was released in 2002, two years after the television show of the same name first appeared on MTV. I never had cable TV growing up, but I rode around inside a shopping cart on a public street at least once. I do not recall how I saw the first film, but I certainly enjoyed it. Boys will be boys is often used to excuse poor behavior in adolescent males, but in this case, it is excusing just plain dumb behavior that mostly results in physical harm to yourself. Is that better than emotional damage to others?

Johnny Knoxville is 51 years old. Throughout the filming, he goes back and forth dyeing his hair to letting the grey show through. He has no business looking as good as he does for his age with the stupid stuff that he has done. Steve-O is still alive, once a graduate of clown college, his life has been a roller coaster and it is remarkable that he has pulled himself together and is still with us. A lot of the original cast is still around. There is a small tribute to Ryan Dunn and Bam Margera is notably absent. Margera was supposed to be included but was removed during production a lawsuit was filed and dropped.

I never expected this franchise to go this far or to extend in the way it did. Much like the Grownups films from Adam Sandler, this is a group of true friends having fun together. You see love, compassion, and genitals between them. There are cringe-worthy stunts, but you cannot look away. This film is a chance to be immature once again without harming anyone that does not consent to it. It is up to the viewer to decide what is or is not problematic about the film, but I enjoyed it and look forward to the 4.5 release of behind the scenes. Always remember if you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough.

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