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Men in Black: International (2019) <><><>

The fourth installment in the MIB universe comes out 22 years after the original. The general consensus on Rotten Tomatoes from critics is that this movie is not needed and thus it sits at 25%. The IP was available for this movie and the money was there to make it. I think the movie was enjoyable for a summer action comedy and is much better than a glance at Rotten Tomatoes would suggest.

The movie does not break new ground, but it embraces some of the best parts of the MIB universe. There are fun alien scenes including a talking beard. There are futuristic weapons and transforming cars. There are even RED BUTTONS, yes multiple!

Agent M, Tessa Thompson, spends decades of her life tracking down the MIB. It is a fun new way to do an agent origin story. It also only takes about fifteen minutes; it gets you up to speed efficiently. Agent M quickly gets pared up with Agent H, Chris Hemsworth, the washed up former superstar of the London bureau.

The bumbling idiot man, H, gets helped by the competent woman, M. M ends up over compensating and H may not be the idiot he is portrayed as. We all know that the world hangs in the balance and will eventually be saved. Despite knowing how things will work out the movie was enjoyable. The pacing was spot on, especially M's origin story. I didn't feel that the MIB story was played out, this movie was fun. I don't remember much about the three previous movies and that didn't affect my enjoyment. Sit back, relax and enjoy more MIB.

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