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Murder Mystery (2019) <><>

The latest Adam Sandler Netflix original movie is, you guessed it, a murder mystery. Nick Spitz, Adam Sandler, keeps failing the NYPD detective exam and lying to his wife about it. Audrey Spitz, Jennifer Aniston, is a hair dresser in their stalled marriage. She is also a fan of mystery novels, will this come in useful? They spend the bulk of the movie in Europe as suspects in a string of murders.

This who-done-it isn't novel. Two fish out of water get tied up with new acquaintances that start to die. It doesn't break any new ground, but it is enjoyable. Adam Sandler is an adult, think 50 first dates not Big Daddy and Jennifer Aniston brings her normal level of performance. This movie would not make waves in theaters, but it is worth a watch on Netflix. The closing shot reveals Nick and Audrey on the Orient Express, an obvious nod to Murder on the Orient Express. The 2017 Orient Express movie was the first time I was exposed to the story. Murder on the Orient Express is a literary classic, Murder Mystery is not.

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