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Ocean's 8 was pretty good. The pacing is off, especially in the third act. The first act may have too much background story. Ocean's 11 is better, but this isn't a Ghostbusters female reboot situation. 11's existence may depress how good 8 is. The ensemble cast is pretty awesome. Mindy Kaling finally gets a decent, non-typecast role. Anne Hathaway steers into what people think of her brilliantly.

From a heist perspective it is good. It relies a lot on technology and hacking. I think this is where old fashion conning in 11 was better. Heck before finding Rihanna they mention how all of Russia could do the hacking.

I don't know if it is theatre worthy, but it is worth a viewing. At home may be better so you can pause for cameos.

Also I don't think 3D printers are as good as the movie would have you believe...

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