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Period. End of Sentence (2018) <><><><><>

This won the Oscar for best documentary short. It follows a group of Indian women manufacturing menstrual pads. It is alarming to hear about what these women went through and how their lives changed so dramatically because of a natural body process and a lack of access to pads.

I found it alarming how simple the process was to make pads. It is such a low-tech solution, but is going to change countless lives in the world's second most populous country. Beyond providing affordable necessities, it is also creating jobs in a rural community. It seems that all of the husbands of the women who work are happy to have the extra income. They all seem to want another financially productive member of the house. For the single women, the wages are opening doors never before available to them.

It is a heart warming documentary about a big step in the right direction. This documentary doesn't try to bite off more than it can chew. It delivers a small glimpse of a common problem in a specific society. This is a perfect documentary short.

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