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Red Notice (2021)


John Hartley, Dwayne Johnson, is a special investigator of art crimes for Interpol. He is forced to team up with Nolan Booth, Ryan Reynolds, an art thief, to catch The Bishop, Gal Gadot, another art thief. Red Notice refers to the highest level of interest in an Interpol investigation. The story is a buddy cop film between the strait-laced Hartley and the goofball Booth. Ryan Reynolds is playing Ryan Reynolds in this film, so do not expect to discover any new variety in his performance.

Netflix may be a darling of the investor set, but it is clear how they get funding for these films, product placement! Aviation Gin, Reynold’s brand, is predominantly displayed, and in the subsequent scene Teremana Tequila, Johnson’s brand is featured. The Porsche Taycan gets multiple exterior and interior shots before being destroyed. My favorite is showing an Alitalia plane, taken right from one of their promotional videos. Aside from my love of planes, this is especially noteworthy because Alitalia ceased operations on October 15th, 2021; ITA Airways has taken over and begun operations just ahead of this film’s release.

This movie was enjoyable. Johnson has a growing list of films he has starred in, and he has shown some range. We get the hulked-out action sequences that we have come to expect, and he delivers a solid performance as he does in most films. Reynolds, as I stated before is Reynolds, it can get irritating, but that plays into his character of Booth; a steer into the skid if you will. Gal Godot continues to show off her acting talents with more hand-to-hand combat in a more enjoyable story than Wonder Woman 1984. The combination of all three stars was solid and there is room for a sequel.

I will soon forget many of the details of this film and that is ok. This was a competently made Netflix film that I think has been reviewed rather harshly by others. It is entertaining enough for you to sit at home and watch the entire thing in one go. It is also formulaic enough that you can have it on in the background and pick and choose which scenes you pay attention to. Of all the Netflix original films I have seen, this is better than average and was not a chore to get through.

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