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RRR (2022)


RRR is the most ‘movie’ movie I have ever seen. It has all the movie elements of all the movies ever made put together in just over three hours. Indian movies stars N. T. Rama Rao Jr. and Ram Charan combine for the first time on screen. This is not a Bollywood film, instead it comes from Tollywood, Hyderabad.

The plot is straightforward and easy to follow, especially with the explanatory songs sprinkled in and repeated throughout. The film is also broken up into a few movements so you can easily take your time to work through its epic length.

This film has a tiger chase, fighting the British empire, espionage, religious undertones and themes, animal showdowns, comically evil white people, motorcycle chases, horse riding, homoeroticism that is explained away poorly to appease censors, infectious diseases, white saviors that do not save, public executions, gun fights, and many many more movie elements.

Three hours is a lot of time to devote to a film, even more if you do not speak Telugu and English. This film is worth it. Unlike MCU films, there is no homework you need to do before watching. It is worth reading or listening to a few reviews that place this film in the context of India today and the political and religious implications of this film. There are propaganda elements that align with the current ruling party. If you do not want to read more afterwards, you are still sure to have enjoyed this film if you have even the most casual interest in movies.

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