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Save Yourselves! (2020)


Save Yourselves follows a young Brooklyn couple Su, Sunita Mani, and Jack, John Reynolds as they try to unplug for a weekend upstate at a friend’s family cabin. If this feels like a Millennial trope, you are right, and it is just the first one. The movie relies heavily on the comedy of how absurd Millennials are while also targeting them with the movie. The conflict in the film arises when the planet is attacked by ethanol seeking aliens.

The next Millennial trope surrounds a discussion of using a gun that is stored in the basement for defense. Jack rattles off all the statistics about gun violence and Su cuts him off to remind him that she knows it all. I believe the target audience for this film is Millennials, but I am not sure why they are poking fun at Millennials throughout the film. It plays up how inept Millennials are at dealing with problems other generations faced without exploring more modern problems.

Sunita Mani does a great job being the grounding force. I enjoyed her performance more than John as she seemed the more competent of the two. She has an extensive body of television work and I am glad she made it to a big-screen format.

Save Yourselves was funny and light for an apocalyptic situation. It is a Hulu original release, like Palm Springs. In the end, it was a fun film to watch with an odd ending. I enjoyed it while I was watching it, but it was quickly forgotten.

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