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Se7en (1995)


Se7en is a movie well worth seeing once. A revisit may be appropriate if it has been a while, but the movie is most impactful your first time through. David Fincher was the director, and like Fight Club this movie is gritty. It is also a thriller like Fincher’s Gone Girl. Morgan Freeman plays the veteran detective Somerset and Brad Pitt is rookie detective Mills.

The buddy cop misfits must find the serial killer that is taking victims based on the seven deadly sins. Each new crime scene they come across is more gruesome than the one before. This is where seeing the movie with fresh eyes is most impactful. Fincher captures the gore in a way that will unsettle you. This starts from the title sequence as we see someone removing their fingerprints.

Gwyneth Paltrow is Tracy, Mills’ wife. She was reluctant to move to the city but followed her husband’s ambitions. Her work with GOOP is problematic and anti-science. She however is not the most problematic actor in this film.

Se7en is a far superior movie to The Little Things. I watched them on back-to-back days and The Little Things felt like a cheap remake of Se7en without enough emotion to draw you in. Se7en is a well-paced thriller that hits you with gore-filled scenes at intervals that let you relax just enough between them. This is one of the best serial killer subgenre films that does not dive deeply into the killer's mind to give you their perspective.


The opening credits do not feature Kevin Spacey’s name. He has a major role in the film but is intentionally not in the opening credits. His body of work is legendary, but he is a problematic person. In Se7en he delivers a terrifying performance but is also the target for all your hate. Perhaps this is a film that he was in that is less problematic because he plays an unredeemable bad guy.

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