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Harold is all grown up with a kid of his own!

The beginning of this movie echoes Up, though somehow I remember Up being sadder, but maybe it was just when I saw Up. The most unique thing about this thriller is how 95% of the movie is shown through a computer screen. Outside of that it is a solid thriller movie. There are so many red hearings you could open a fish market. I never felt duped and did pick up on a few breadcrumbs. I don't know if I'll watch it again, because thrillers kind of lose their power after the first viewing.

I think the cop is played well as a level headed monotone person. This pays off throughout the movie.

I don't have kids so I can't relate to the fear of losing your child, much less after the beginning of the movie.

I hope that the novel way this story was told doesn't get played out too quickly.

You should also see this film to continue to promote diversity in film making. Just look what non-white people can do! They can do literally the exact same things as white people, so continue to establish more and more diverse casts.

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