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Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse <><><><><>


I was fortunate enough to see an early screening of the movie. This may be the best animated super hero movie ever; taking the title from Lego Batman. Hopefully this movie doesn't get the Oscar snub like Lego Batman did.

There are seven different 'Spider-Things' in this movie. You get each one's origin story, but it is done in a brilliant way that makes you laugh as each one is introduced. The interactions between them all is wonderful! The villains play second fiddle to the heroes but that isn't super noticeable.

While the sound track isn't as sing-a-long inspiring as Lego Batman it is pretty fantastic. The animation is incredible. I can't think of anything like it. It is a combination of different styles but doesn't feel jumbled. I wish I had paid closer attention to how the style of the animation and the shots aligned. I think a second viewing focusing on that would be reasonable. The colors are so vivid and the city looks great. The action scenes are clear so you can easily follow the action, unlike Venom. I would love to see more comic books brought to screen in this style.

The movie is a fun ride. Nicholas Cage is timed perfectly as Spider-Noir; the right lines at the right time. John Mulaney as Peter Porker is wonderful cartoon inside a cartoon; think Itchy and Scratchy vs. the Simpsons. Hailee Steinfeld is a great contrast to Shameik Moore. I would love to see a spinoff in her universe.

The two main Spider-Men, Shameik Moore and Jake Johnson are a wonderful pair. Jake has plenty of Nick from New Girl in his character. Shameik portrays what it is like to be given a new power so well. He struggles throughout the movie and keeps you rooting for him. It is also great to see such a diverse cast of characters. There are plenty of strong females and minorities represented throughout. This movie should be relate-able by so many different people. This is what all movies should strive for.

This is better than your average super hero movie. It is a great family movie. I highly recommend seeing it in theaters because of the animation. Even a 75" TV at home isn't going to make the world big enough for you. Sit back, relax and enjoy this movie!

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