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I very much enjoyed this movie. It was a fun 2 hours that kept me guessing where it was going next. It focuses on a power struggle and gaining favor with Queen Anne. All three leads, Emma Stone, Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz are phenomenal. They play off each other in the most perfect way.

The cinematography was very interesting. There are fish-eye wide angle shots that feel very voyeuristic. Other times the camera is set below waist height looking up at the actors. This makes you feel like you are spying on the actors. Other scenes are shot more traditionally when the viewer should be in the room.

This isn't a typical palace intrigue movie. All of the boring actions involved in running a country during a time of war become interesting. The pacing is great and never leaves you time to get bored.

The male costumes are hilarious and historically accurate. It is nice seeing a female lead and the men she is leading literally look like clowns. In the end, the movie leaves you asking who or what actually holds the power. The final scene is unique and leaves you to conclude what you will.

The fish-eye effect is best seen on a large screen. The costumes are very nice, but this is certainly something you can enjoy at home.

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