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The Little Rascals (1994)


I remember enjoying The Little Rascals reboot movie in the 90s. Watching it a few decades later I was happy to see that it still held up. It is a fun movie with adorable kids doing adorable kid things. Buckwheat and Porky are still as funny as ever; “I got a pickle, I got a pickle, I got a pickle, hey, hey, hey, hey.” The outtakes during the credits show just how fun this set was to work on. These kids are all hilarious and adorable.

The part of the movie I had forgotten were all the cameos. The Olsen twins, Whoopi Goldberg, Mel Brooks, Daryl Hannah, Reba McEntire, and Raven Simone. There is one cameo that I had forgotten and will mention later in the alternative part of my review.

If you have kids, this is probably safe to show them once they are as old as the cast. I think you will also enjoy the trip down memory lane and the exposure to youthful ignorance of how the world works and how a child’s mind works. You will not be disappointed by this movie.

Onto the alternate part of my review where I get to make a super left-field comparison. The character Waldo is introduced as the bad guy. He is an uber-rich, coiffed hair, pretentious dick. He first shows up in a Rolls Royce, which later is inexplicably referred to as a Bentley despite having the Spirit of Ecstasy on the hood. It was a very odd dialog choice and stuck out.

The group of boys is ‘He-man-woman-haters.’ That is the perfect description of toxic masculinity if I ever heard of one. This club is a precursor to the alt-right movement to restore the days where a man was the sole breadwinner and women were subservient. Incels have involuntary in their name, but they do hate women and like to show off their manliness. If these kids were in black and gold polos it could easily be a Proud Boy Gathering. Their misguided beliefs that all females are evil leads them to ostracize a fellow member who has become enlightened.

Late in the movie, you find out that none other than former President Donald Trump is Waldo’s father. He even makes several appearances in the blooper’s reels. The way he screws up his lines or timing makes it feel like he just wanted to cash a check. His appearance in Home Alone 2 is often mentioned while this appearance goes overlooked. In The Little Rascals, Trump’s parenting has produced a monster of a son and echoes reality.

Adding Trump to this collection of closed-minded males who hate women leaves the door wide open for Proud Boy propaganda. The Proud Boys took their name from the Disney film Aladdin, perhaps they need to encompass The Little Rascals into their cannon of inspiration and go for a name change, Pickle Boys anyone?

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