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2018 Holiday Movie Roundup


<><><><> It's a Wonderful Life: If you have Amazon Prime you can watch, for free, It's a Wonderful Life in the recolored version that the Capra Estate approves of. I liked the coloring, it is vibrant when it can be but also subdued when that suits the scene. I think it is a good addition to the movie. You also likely forgot about a huge portion of the movie if you haven't watched it in the last five years.

Netflix Originals

<><> A Christmas Prince and A Christmas Prince; The Royal Wedding. I have never seen a Hallmark holiday film. I feel like these are probably good representations of the genre based on the synopses I have heard of Hallmark movies. The setting in the Alps and a wonderful castle are very nice. These are good movies to have on in the background as you are doing other holiday things. The Queen needs to come to her conclusions quicker, but if she did that then the movies would end a lot sooner. Give these movies a chance when you want some holiday cheer.


The Christmas Chronicles: I liked The Santa Clause when it was released as well as the sequel. I think that The Christmas Chronicles is a great movie in the same vein. There are some similarities but it is a different enough movie that it stands on its own. It has some nice Christmas magic in it. This movie is more of a 'pay attention' than be on in the background.


Die Hard: You love it, you know it! This movie is solid and demands a once per year re-watch. This year Skyscraper was released. It takes so many parts of Die Hard directly. The object that the terrorist are after in Skyscraper is better than Die Hard. Both movies use the limitations of a single tower very well. Skyscraper can’t ever live up to Die Hard, but it is probably a good Christmas in July movie if you reserve Die Hard for Christmas.


Daddy's Home Two: I think the entire cast is pretty solid. It isn't a serious movie and it doesn't take itself too serious. Put it on in the background (free on Amazon Prime) and enjoy it. The contrast between being too heartwarming and being too cold balances nicely. It is probably better than the new Sherlock Holmes movie....

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