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I use a 5 <>, diamond, system.

<>: Not worth seeing, skip this movie.  I don't use zero diamonds, so this is the lowest rating

<> <>: Below average but watchable.  These are generally 'take it or leave it' movies.  There could be cult movies that don't have a large audience that would like it.

<> <> <>: Average movie.  These are still good movies that are worth watching.  They are your average movies.

<> <> <> <>: Above average.  These movies are better than most but aren't groundbreaking.  These are movies that come recommended, they just are not the best of the best.

<> <> <> <> <>: Phenomenal movies! These are the movies everyone should see.  You should go out of your way to see all of these movies.  These are the best movies!

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