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I watched this via Netflix download on a trans-Atlantic flight. I would recommend seeing this in theaters. If you can't make it to a theater then make sure you watch this without distractions. The minimal dialog requires you to pay constant attention to the movie; be a captive audience.

This is director Alfonso Cuarón's passion project. It is the story of Alfonso's childhood maid's experience. It is shot in black and white and set in 1971. It is a beautiful black and white painting. Every single shot is very deliberate as is everything in each scene. You need to enjoy the cinematography of this movie.

The first act of the movie may feel slow, but through its deliberate nature you are getting drawn into the story and your affection for Cleo grows. Cleo is portrayed by Yalitza Aparicio from Oaxaca, Mexico. She was not an actress before this, but her performance is amazing.

By the time the second and third acts come through you are heavily emotionally invested in Cleo. This sets you up for a very emotional reaction late in the movie. The last third of the movie is so good. You should have a visceral reaction.

I enjoyed this movie. It transported me off of my flight and into the movie. Cuaron does a stellar job of getting you invested in the movie. This is what all directors should strive to do.

My only complaints about the movie is that I can't figure out the significance of the dog poop throughout the movie. For scenes set up so deliberately there is a ton of dog poop. I wish I could figure out the symbolism or meaning behind it.

Pull this up on Netflix if you can't make the theatrical release but turn off your phones and settle in for a distraction free viewing.

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