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Avengers: Infinity War <><><><>


It is hard to be spoiler free, so be aware. As a casual fan I felt lost as to some back stories or how we got to where we were. When Ina pressed me for specifics after the movie I came up empty of examples. For such a long movie it didn't feel long, with one big exception. Every 'emotional' scene was agony as it dragged on. The entire movie felt like a binge viewing of 6 half hour episodes. Skip below for some vague spoilers/plot holes.

Green, why does everything green have to suck in the movie? Green 1 making vague references that we all know exactly what they are. Green not seeing exactly what is coming and then another color being all whatever after that... The other green, did the thingy allow green to do the thing to get the final thing? Why couldn't that have been done earlier, like before the rainbow 🌈connection? I also don't like part 1/part 2 movies that aren't labeled as such. Like wtf!

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