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Booksmart (2019) <><><><>

Olivia Wilde's directorial premier is a fun comedy following Amy, Kaitlyn Dever, and Molly, Beanie Feldstein, through their last chance to party in high school. The up-tight, studies focused, kids go party movie has been made before. This movie sets itself apart by grounding itself firmly in the #metoo era. Amy and Molly are over the top politically correct. It took me a little bit to land on the the satirical side of the fence as opposed to cheering them on. They have fake IDs to access college libraries. This movie was made for people well outside of high school to put themselves into the shoes of high schoolers today. It is doubtful that college freshman will appreciate this movie for what it is.

Beanie Feldstein is a star on the rise for good reason; What We Do in the Shadows. She is hilarious and relatable. I hope to see more of Kaitlyn Dever in the future. The pair's on screen chemistry is amazing. Their relationship is believable in ways many other movies can't match.

This isn't just another teen party movie. I do have issues with the premise that an entire high school can be accepted to elite level schools or that the valedictorian can have no clue how smart her classmates are. I appreciated that Amy and Molly are social outcasts by their own choosing, not because other people disliked them. This is a refreshing take on the high school movie and probably better aligns with more people's reality.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, but it is not a future classic. It is a stepping stone in Beanie and Kaitlyn's careers that I hope continue to progress. Watch this for a fun 102 minute nostalgia trip back to high school.

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