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Cold War (2018) <><><>

I can deal with black and white movies, but 4:3 aspect ratio movies in 2018 are inexcusable. Black and white can be done beautifully, but 4:3 doesn't make any movie better.

This is the third 2018 Oscar foreign film nominee I have seen after both Roma: and Shoplifters:

As you can see by the ratings this is my least favorite so far. The movie follows the relationship between two people in the opening decade of the Cold War. The setting transverses the iron curtain multiple times. I was frustrated by the love story throughout the movie. It seemed that the characters didn't know what they wanted and constantly hopped over the border to the detriment of their partner's well-being.

I enjoyed the musical and dancing scenes that are essential to the movie. At times I caught a glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence in Joanna Kulig's portrayal of Zula. This may be because of Red Sparrow. Kulig could have dramatically improved Red Sparrow had she been cast. Tomasz Kot, as Wiktor, is a solid portrayal. He is not portrayed as a typical struggling artist. My issues is not with the acting, just the story the characters are put in to.

Cold War was nominated for an Oscar in cinematography. The movie is artsy, if you can move beyond the aspect ratio. Many shots of the actor's eyes are stunning; I can't recall seeing such beautiful black and white eyes in any other movie. I felt like I got a good sense of what life was like in the opening stages of the cold war on the Soviet side. I feel like Paris could have been portrayed a little more brilliantly, but that wouldn't have matched up with Wiktor's longing for Zula.

Amazon Studios picked up this movie for distribution. They didn't put it out on Prime until 3/22/2019 and the theatrical release was minimal. While I only gave it 3 diamonds, it is worth a watch. I wish Amazon had put it on Prime ahead of award season, but you can't change the past.

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