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Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)


Crazy, Stupid, Love. It is an average rom-com with an above-average cast. 2011 was right on the tail end of peak Steve Carell. Emma Stone’s star was on the rise and Ryan Gosling was consistently playing the heartthrob. Julianne Moore and Marisa Tomei are also part of this cast.

It is a straightforward formulaic rom-com. The third act plot twist is clever, but you can pick up on clues leading up to it. Ryan Gosling brings in elements of Hitch as he coaches Steve Carell on how to date. I do not understand how the bar these lessons take place in has such a rotating clientele. Where are the regulars that know that Ryan Gosling is only looking for one-night stands?

Roman Holiday is a much better romantic comedy, but Crazy, Stupid, Love. It is still fun; it is light-hearted and an easy watch. Remember Josh Groban? He happens to be in this movie too. You can also include this movie in six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone may even be better as a couple in this movie that La La Land.

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