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John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum (2019) <><><><>

The third chapter of the John Wick saga is much like the first two. Despite the plot being thin, it isn't going to make a lot of sense without watching the first two. The only people who should see Parabellum are already John Wick fans. It is great fan service by ramping up everything we want to see and tuning out everything we don't want to see. Less dialog, new kill methods, more dead bodies, a larger exploration of the Continental, Halle Berry, horses, and more dogs; what else could you want!

I was laughing out loud during the first fight scene; so many knives were thrown. If you are watching this at home crank up the volume to hear all the thuds of flesh being penetrated. My favorite fight was when John and Sofia, played by Halle Berry, team up. Halle brings two wonderful dogs to the event that add more absurdity to an epic battle.

The movie explores more of the assassin underworld and reveals who pulls the strings, The High Table. Asia Kate DIllon is a wonderful addition to the cast. A temporary pause in the violence happens when the High Table army shows up with new armor. It is a great beat to force a new fighting style not yet scene in the series.

The last battle had me a little bit bored. It took so long for John to take out so few people. I didn't think any of the action was truly novel like some of the other fights in the movie. The end of the movie was satisfying for me. If you go into this movie with the right expectations it is wonderful. If you have not scene any John Wick movie this is not a good first film in the John Wick universe. Do a little reading on any of the movies in the franchise before going in cold. The absurdity I expected going into the movie was surpassed in a delightful way.

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