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Mid90s (2018): <><><>

It it impossible to talk about this movie without mentioning Minding the Gap:

Mid90s is Jonah Hill's first movie as the writer and director. It is a coming of age story with plenty of skateboarding. Minding the Gap is a documentary of a coming of age story with plenty of skateboarding. Fuckshit = Zack, Ray = Kiere, Fourth Grade = Bing

Broken homes and child abuse are recurring themes throughout Mid90s. The main character, Stevie, played by Sunny Suljic opposite his older brother, Ian, played by Lucas Hedges are a believable pair of siblings with a large age gap. This isn't Lucas' best role, but there isn't a ton for him to do.

I think the story line feels a bit compressed in this movie. Stevie dives into the deep end and tries to swim to the bottom. I think it is a bit unbelievable how quickly Stevie 'matures'. Perhaps I am wrong, but it took me out of the story a little bit.

Putting both Ray and Fuckshit in this movie is great. It shows Stevie two sides of the coin; working hard and trying for success versus not caring and thinking towards the future. It would be more interesting to have Stevie explore both of those paths more. It is too late into the movie when Ray finally has a heart to heart with Stevie.

I think the directing and writing was reasonable. I imagine Jonah hill was some what influenced by Kevin Smith. The dialog in this movie is believable for teen boys. I hated that this was shot in 4:3. Ooooo being nostalgic, no it isn't, it is robbing me of using my full screen. STOP DOING THIS DIRECTORS. You can put a movie into a point in time by what is included, not the format. Roma was clearly 1970s mexico and WIDESCREEN.

If you can only see on coming of age skateboarding movie, watch Minding the Gap. If you want a fictional portrayal that is decent watch Mid90s next.

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