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Mitchells vs the Machines (2021)


Mitchells vs the Machines is an animated Netflix original film about an apocalyptic future where a smart assistant takes over the world and imprisons the human race. That sounded like a terrible setup to me; I have generally been disappointed with Netflix films, but not here. This film had me laughing throughout and left me happy in the end.

Maya Rudolph, Danny McBride, and Abbi Jacobson lend their wonderful voice talent to some of the main characters. Olivia Colman is the voice of the assistant that takes over the world while Fred Armisen voices a robot. It is a deep bench of voice talent, and they are put to effective use.

The relationship I have with my parents today is the best I have ever had. It has been wonderful to talk to them as adults. While my relationship with them in high school and college was good, it was not where it is now. This film focuses on Katie and Rick’s, Jacobson and McBride, relationship. Katie is desperate to ‘find her people’ while Rick is regretting the distance between them emotionally before the distance becomes physical and Katie goes off to college. Fighting off robots is a great way to bond and compresses the time needed to bond. For anyone with a healthy relationship with their parents, you should be able to relate to some part of this film. It should put a smile on your face to see someone else go through a similar struggle on screen. There is no way to watch this movie and not be drawn in emotionally to the characters.

Netflix got it right with this animated film. Lord Miller was involved, and the voice talent is second to none. This is what I want Netflix to continue to produce. These are the kinds of films that would not disappoint if you paid to see them in theaters.

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