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My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)


Nia Vardalos wrote and starred in My Big Fat Greek Wedding as Toula Portokalos. Her romantic interest is Ian Miller, played by John Corbett, who stars as the father in To All the Boys. They have great on-screen chemistry and form a believable connection. To make a good movie, there needs to be conflict, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding is full of it.

Toula’s parents believe that the point of her life is to marry a Greek man and have a ton of Greek babies; Ian is not Greek. The conflict is fun as we all root for Toula to go with her heart and against her family's wishes. It is made easier because Ian is so accepting of Toula. His ethnicity is never really addressed. He is generic white and his family is incredibly dull. His family and his personal beliefs feel empty and hollow because Toula’s family is all-consuming and the main focus of the film.

The movie is full of wonderful one-liners, many dished out by Aunt Voula, Andrea Martin. She is hilarious and loving. I am not Greek, so I am not sure how they would feel about the movie. Everyone has a crazy family or married into one and can relate. Nia wrote this movie for a place of love and I think it is a great ode to a wonderful culture.

If you need an easy rom-com to put on and relax after a rough day, this is a great way to spend 95 minutes. This movie is enjoyable for repeated viewings and will brighten any day. Maybe don’t watch it on an empty stomach, especially if you have a penchant for Greek foods.

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