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Plus One (2019)


Plus One is a romantic comedy in the rough image of When Harry Met Sally. Maya Erskine plays Alice and her longtime friend, but non-romantic partner, is Ben. Ben is played by Jack Quaid, the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid. Maya is a co-creator of PEN15 on Hulu. Alice and Ben agree to be each other's plus one to their combined ten weddings over the summer.

It is still refreshing to see an Asian-American female lead in a movie. Alice is a smart and thoughtful character while Ben is a bit of a moron in classic rom-com fashion. He is blind to what is in front of him until he has it and subsequently loses it. Like in When Harry Met Sally, Ben and Alice having sex changes the relationship and then end the movie together. I guess that is a spoiler, but this is a rom-com, so the ending is already known.

If you want a well-executed rom-com with a fresh-faced cast this is perfect. The stakes are never that high, and the jokes are never over the top. It is a solid movie to have a glass or two of wine with and yell at Ben for being such an idiot. The movie may gain a cult following as it went in and out of theatres with no fan-fare.

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