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I really enjoyed this movie. The acting was superb. There was something about the cinematography that I loved. I think it is best to go into this movie not knowing anything so you can be surprised.

Now for the content, messages, and struggles in the movie. I am and have always been a white middle class male. I also grew up in a rural white town. With my background it is often hard for me to fully comprehend movies not about me. This movie touches on enslavement, day to day struggle, racial expectations and more. It makes deep use of code switching, which I understand academically but not much beyond that. I think it is a picture of our modern world that shows how some people may continue to be forgotten, just like they have in the past. I am struggling to understand everything the movie is saying.

Outside of Wonder Woman and Ocean's Eight, most of the not white male led movies I see are in more independent theaters. They are great movies that should have a wider distribution for more people to enjoy and have an opportunity to see. With MoviePass I have been fortunate enough to see more of these movies. Debates about Star Wars are ok, but the movies I have seen at independent theaters spark a lot more conversation with Ina and make me think more.

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