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Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)


The original Space Jam has quite a legacy, even its website is famous. The second film will have a legacy of its own, a legacy of just how bad it was. With all the various movie studios buying each other out Warner Brothers now has even more intellectual property it can pull from. Where the original film is all about Looney Tunes, the new film makes sure you see the wide catalog of content coming soon to HBO Max.

LeBron James is not a great actor, but he does fine in this film. Don Cheadle plays the villain, Al G Rhythm, the brains behind Warner Brothers. Maybe this is a glimpse behind the curtain as an algorithmically created movie might try to pull in all the free and existing IP it could. Are we living in the Space Jam universe?

The Tunes start in a 2D world and get 3D’d. This time Lola Bunny’s top grows with her so she is fully clothed. The one aspect of Tom and Jerry that I liked was the 2D animation in a 3D world. I felt like it would have been the best move to make in Space Jam, it would also help tie back to the original film. The normal Looney Tunes antics are back and generate some laughs. I did find myself laughing at the movie as opposed to with it on multiple occasions.

Like Fast 9, Space Jam: A New Legacy is all about FAMILY. LeBron accepting that his son does not want to be a basketball player is a good moral of the story for the adults watching. I guess the message for kids is that your overbearing parents will eventually come around? Overall, the movie did not feel well put together, spending too much and too little time at various points in the film. I did not need a reminder of all the films in the WB back catalog. This is two hours of your life you will want to spend at home and not in theaters.

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