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Teen Titans GO!: To The Movies <><><><>


MoviePass started working again, but Mission Impossible was blacked out, so we saw Teen Titans. I am not familiar with either version of the TV show. I am a fan of super hero movies, but I don't read comics. With all of that said. This movie was a good children targeted super hero movie. It may also be a top 3 DC universe movie. They do take a few good jabs at Marvel. The Stan Lee cameos are pretty good. The humor is pretty juvenile; think fart jokes. If you see it in theaters with young kids around the laughs get infectious. The story and moral are pretty shallow compared to Hotel Transylvania 3.

My biggest gripe is that Will Arnett voices Slade. Will Arnett is my favorite batman; Lego Batman. He shouldn't be the voice of two super heroes in the same universe, especially when Batman is in this movie.

The animation style of the movie is also uncommon these days. It was refreshing to have a more hand drawn feel than full up 3D CGI. It was refreshing.

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