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The Lovebirds (2020)


The trailer, combined with Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani, would have got me into the theater for The Lovebirds. I would have been extremely disappointed had that happened. Issa and Kumail as Leilani and Jibran are the best part of the movie. Their chemistry and, possibly, ad-libbed lines were a treat in an otherwise disappointing film.

The storyline in the movie is horrible. The McGuffin changes several times and remains fuzzy even after seeing the entire movie. In the trailer, you see a secret society meeting where Jibran and Leilani remove their masks. That entire scene is more absurd and does not advance the plot at all even when you see the full context. I am struggling to understand why it was even included in the movie.

We are all starved for content right now and a full theatrical release straight to streaming, included with a Netflix subscription, should be a treat. The best part of The Lovebirds is that you can watch it for free and abandon it without spending any money. You may feel compelled to order a Lyft after seeing it based on the heavy-handed product placement. Kumail and Issa deserve more, they need a better vehicle to show off their comedic chops. They are great at making you laugh despite the rest of the movie. The Lovebirds may be a reasonable bit of noise to have on in the background where you can pick up some of the jokes here and there.

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